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Maximum security in ADR transport

At ABG Logistics we have extensive experience in ADR operations. We seek the tranquility of our clients by offering a safe service that minimizes risks during transport. Always complying with the current international legislation, we work with a transport network that certifies all the necessary licenses to carry out the service and to store these goods.

We always seek to comply with the best standards, and offer added value:

  • Legal and operative advice in ADR transport
  • License management for dangerous goods
  • Competitive prices
  • Geolocation of goods and surveillance systems

We have broad experience in the transport of dangerous goods (ADR)

ABG Logistics has operational centers both in Madrid and Barcelona in order to offer a flexible and reliable solution for your transport needs regarding dangerous goods (ADR).

ABG International Logistics, S.L. C/ Joaquim Molins 5-7, 7ª Planta 08028 - Barcelona (Spain)

T: (+34) 93 263 13 81

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