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We are specialists since more than 25 years in transport and logistics for any sector

Founded in 1992, at ABG Logistics we have a professional team with broad experience in the sector who study the flow of materials, manufactured products and the information associated with them, from the supplier to the customer.

With this approach we comprehend the integrated study of the basic functions of the company, such as procurement management, production and physical distribution.

As suppliers of logistic systems, we guarantee the flow of materials and products with the required quality, at the right place and at the right moment. We control our vehicle fleet, routes and loads at all times as a service for you, right from the beginning to the very end of the journey.

Our professionalism allows us to serve you, decreasing response time and increasing the control over your resources. We have created this website for you, and we offer ourselves as your logistics operator, distributing your products and coordinating stocks and services. We always strive for the best quality accompanied by a fast service.

It’s not about simply transporting goods from one place to another, but of having total control over the goods during the whole journey and providing our clients with all the information they require.


ABG International Logistics, S.L. C/ Joaquim Molins 5-7, 7ª Planta 08028 - Barcelona (Spain)

T: (+34) 93 263 13 81

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